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The first thing that I would like everyone to know is that I am a local, born and reared in Alamance County. I went to Graham High School, and my parents and grandparents were all from Mebane. I spent many Saturdays running in and out of the back door at the old Warren’s Drug Store. I get “Where are you from?” a lot when customers meet me for the first time. And be assured that I appreciate the want to buy from someone local, from our customers. I feel the same way. The local businesses around Mebane will attest to that.

When I was a kid I made Mom crazy dragging home any animal that I could get to follow me, or hold still long enough for me to carry it home. I’m sure I was a handful for Mom. I brought home dogs, cats, chickens, lizards, guiney pigs, rabbits, even snakes, and any other small animal I could get my hands on. I mean why not, we had a huge ¼ acre lot in the middle of Graham. I thought it should be full of animals, wouldn’t you? Anyway I kept that little lot as full as I could get away with.

My love for animals has never waned. My wonderful wife Lynda and I have a nice herd of Kiko goats, a few ducks, and four of the most beautiful dogs on this planet. We have a little more room than I did as a kid.

My best days are when I can spend time working around our small farm (Sonshine Acres Farm) taking care of the animals, and playing with the dogs. I still have a lot of little boy in me, even into my 50’s.

I am fortunate to have great people working with me here at Mebane Tractor Feed & Seed. We have someone that can help you with most any question that you may have, from cattle, horses and goats, to chickens, cats and dogs. And if we don’t know the answer, we have great resources that we can reach out to and make sure that you get a good, helpful answer.

So remember us if you have a need or a question that relates to your animals health. We want to help you keep your herd, flock, or group of animals healthy. That is our goal at Mebane Tractor Feed & Seed.

I hope to see you soon!