Animal Nutrition & Health

Animal Nutrition

We offer feeds for most farm animals and household pets with our Nutrena and Performance Livestock feeds. From cattle to kittens, we have something for everyone! If we don't have it, we'll consider getting it.

We are also pleased to announce we are now a dealer for Reedy Fork Organic Feeds, including poultry, horse, goat and cattle. These are still a special order item that we get in monthly, but we are excited for our organic customers to try them out!

Here are some of our best-selling feeds. If you don’t see something you’d like to feed, call us to see if we have it or can get it!

  • Wrangler 12% All-stock Pellet
  • Nutrena 14% Commodity Stock Feed
  • Cattle Feed - Mebane Tractor Custom 15% Cattle Supplement
  • Pro Force Senior Feed
  • Stock and Stable 12% Pellet
  • Safe Choice Maintenance 12% Pellet
Goats and Sheep
  • Country Feeds 16% Medicated Pellet
  • Country Feeds 17% Textured
  • Wrangler 12% Allstock Pellet
  • BMC Goat 17% textured
  • Goat 17% Medicated
  • Country Feeds 16 % Layer Feed (Pellet and Crumble)
  • Nature Wise Feather Fixer
  • Nature Wise 18% All Flock
  • Caliente Gamecock Blend
Small Animals and Miscellaneous Feeds
  • River Run 24-20 Dog Food
  • Loyall Life Cat & Dog Food (including Grain-Free)
  • Victor Cat & Dog Food (including Grain-Free)
  • Rabbit Pellets
  • Sportsman's Choice Floating Catfish Food
Animal Health

It’s difficult keeping your animals healthy. There are so many products out there, and what works for which animal?

At Mebane Tractor, we have a great variety of suppliers, so we have access to many different brands. We can also offer suggestions about which product may work best for your unique situation. Of course, we aren’t vets, so make sure to call them before coming to see us!

Your animals’ health is the most important thing, whether it’s your house-dog or your favorite mama cow. Again, we keep a large variety of items in stock, but we’re happy to special order anything you need, including vaccines!

Fly Control
  • Sprays: Pyranha, UltraShield, Zonk It!, Fly Rid
  • Swat
  • Country Vet Metered Sprays
  • Concentrates: Permethrin, Happy Jack’s Kennel Dip, Zonk It!
  • Fat Supplements such as Cool Calories and Rice Bran Oil
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for horses and dogs such as Red Cell, Nutri-Cal, and Sure-Grow 100
  • Joint Supplements for horses such as MSM and Fluid Flex
  • Milk Replacer and colostrum for calves, kids, and lambs
  • Vitamins and Electrolytes
Grooming Supplies for dogs and horses
  • Calm Coat Shampoo
  • Fresh’n’Clean concentrated shampoo
Dog Collars (including Sportman Training Collars)
Dog Toys
First-Aid supplies
  • Vetericyn
  • Blu-Kote
  • EMT Spray
  • Banixx
Flea and Tick treatments including shampoos, collars, pendants, topicals, and pills
  • Adams+ Flea and Tick Shampoo
  • DuraSpot
  • Liberty 50
  • SpectraShield Medallions
  • Bio-Spot
  • Adams Flea and Tick collars
Dewormers for horses, cattle, cats, and dogs
  • Safeguard paste, pellets, and powder
  • Nemex II
  • Liquid wormers
  • Tape worm tablets
  • Ivermectin, Pyrantel Paste, Zimecterin Gold, Equimax, Quest Plus
  • Ivermectin Pour-On or injectable, Noromectic pour-on or injectable, Cydectin, Agri-mectin
  • Diatomaceous Earth
Vaccines and Antibiotics
  • Bovi-Shield Gold 5
  • Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5 VL5
  • One Shot
  • Triangle 10
  • Penicillin
  • LA-200